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That Website Guy – Business Website Builder

That Website Guy is a hosted platform that allows businesses to create a website or online shop to sell their products online.

Planning began back in 2011 with the primary focus on providing a simple user experience allowing users to easily create and set up a website which is flexible, fully customisable, and responsive – working across any device or screen-size, and for just about any purpose.

The idea for the project was conceived when I took on a job to manage an ecommerce website for a local small business which was hosted by another popular unnamed DIY website builder platform at the time. I found the entire experience clunky, limited, and generally awful to use. The site looked awful and when going through the unnamed provider’s back-end admin panel found that there was no easy way to actually customise or do anything.

In the end I decided to re-create the client’s website entirely using WordPress as a CMS, but the experience stayed with me and it got me thinking about building my own platform to build websites with. And so That Website Guy was born.

I’ve come an incredibly long way since those initial planning stages back in 2011, and have crafted That Website Guy into my primary business and source of income. I typically spend about 90% of all my waking hours doing something with it – be it development work, SEO, building websites, customer support, or promotion – and the entire journey so far has been a mix of headaches, stress, and frustration; but there’s nothing that compares to the feeling of satisfaction from creating a great website for a customer’s business and leaving your own little mark on the world. That alone is what keeps me inspired and focussed – it’s all worth it.

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