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1 step forwards, 2 steps back…

Or is it 2 steps forwards, 1 step back? I don’t know, but it’s a recurring pattern for sure.

Recently one of my long-time customers decided he wanted another website with That Website Guy for another business he’s starting. At the same time an Esports team got in touch very excited to be starting a website too, and then that same long-time customer from before also wanted a third site for one of his signings (as a record label, I think). Amazing.

I built all 3 sites on the platform, and the long-time customer paid for both his sites straight away – both for 3 months on my Basic plan. That definitely helped me out of a sticky situation with my bank. Still working on the esports site but right now that’s looking promising too.

The third site I built for that long-time customer’s signing I put a lot of effort into, and opted for a similar design I’d done for a previous music site that had fallen through because I loved that design so much – a full screen layout with transparent header & footer and a slideshow background. I thought it looked amazing, and had thoughts of promoting it on the main site and hopefully using it to push other musical artists to get me to build their sites too. The long-time customer also thought it looked great.

I even pushed for progress with Gamer Grind Co. to get that closer to launch by announcing all the coffee flavours we’ll be selling – which went amazingly, my phone didn’t stop buzzing all night. Things were finally looking up and I was on top of the world.

And then it happened. The inevitable back-step. I got an email from that long-term customer about the third site I’d built for his signing. He needed it pulled down immediately as the deal with his signing had somehow fallen through and she threatened legal action against him. Perfect.

And so it is. For every lunge forward there’s always a back-step. Is it the design? Is it me? Who knows.. The customer insists it’s nothing to do with me but still.. what a kicker. The second time I’ve tried that design and it’s fallen through.

I really should be focusing on the positives though. GamerGrindCo is so close to launching, and I have at least 1 new site keeping me afloat. In the words of Dory: Just keep swimming!

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