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Hello World (I guess?)

So I finally decided to actually make something of this site instead of just letting it sit here collecting dust. To be totally honest the only reason I bought the domain was to test something-or-other for That Website Guy. For the past few years this site had some really basic design (more basic than now) made in about 5 minutes and has just sat in my showcase supposedly as an example of what the platform is capable of – what an insult..

And the blog page only said “[This page is intentionally left blank.]” which was my idea of making some kind of statement – it’s pretty much how I’ve lived my life. My personal social media profiles are lucky if they get one status update in a year, why would a blog be any different? Who in the hell is even gonna care?

After being that odd little site in my showcase not really offering anything of value for all this time I’ve finally decided to at least make half an effort on it.

Maybe I’ll never post another update here. Maybe it’ll go the same route as my personal social media profiles. But maybe, just maybe, I’ll actually put this to some use and use it to some kind of benefit. If to nobody else than to me as a way to vent into the empty void or document my experiences on the internet with my projects. If you’re reading this and you’re not me then hats off to you I guess. If you’re lucky I’ll share something useful to you in some way, but don’t get your hopes up 😄.

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