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My painful experience attempting to carry out SEO for That Website Guy

So the past few weeks my focus has been on improving the search engine optimisation for That Website Guy.

Up until now I’d only made a half-assed effort on the content of the main site without any real focus on keywords or any of that other stuff. I always figured it would be as simple as putting in descriptive meta tags and Google would take care of the rest. How wrong I was.

According to Moz, it turns out That Website Guy ranks for absolutely nothing outside of people searching for the business name. After the content being in almost the same condition for 2+ years I think it’s a fair bet that Google is done crawling and cataloging everything and nothing is going to improve on its own. Obviously I have work to do.

But seriously though.. “Business Website Builder“. I included that in the bloody title! You’d think I’d at least rank somewhere for it. Even if it’s page 103 of the results perhaps? Nope. Nowhere. I even checked. Nothing. 😒

Update 7/4/2018:

It’s looking like my hard work is finally starting to pay off, and I’m nowhere near finished optimising yet! I just logged in to my search console to find this lovely little gem! (I’ve blurred queries for customer sites due to being completely unrelated.)

7-4-18 Google Search Console Results for That Website Guy

The variations of the business name have always been there, but things like “business website hosting“, “business site builder“, “simple site builder“, “web design great yarmouth“, and “simple website builder” I’ve never ranked for before, and so eventhough the positions aren’t particularly great and none of them have any clicks, I can work with that. I even clicked on a few of them to check and That Website Guy definitely does appear around those marks!

I’m actually surprised (I think), as like I say I’m nowhere near finished optimising That Website Guy for search engines, and have actually barely done anything on my SEO todo list.


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